Volunteer Positions

English as a Second Language Tutor

Our ESL students range from pre-literate in their own language and/or English to near-native speakers hoping to hone their academic and linguistic skills before continuing with their education or vocational training. All of the students who apply for tutors are eager to learn and grateful for the extra assistance outside of class that volunteers provide them. Tutors help students with pronunciation, conversation, grammar, spelling, reading comprehension, and writing development. The tutoring sessions are generally driven by the student’s homework or desire to improve a specific English skill.

Adult Basic Education Tutor

Adult Basic Education students are adults who are already proficient in the English language, but wish to improve their basic reading, writing, and math skills. Reading and writing are integrated to give students the foundation for effective communication. Reading instruction emphasizes comprehension, vocabulary development, critical thinking, and study skills. Writing skills include the review and application of language and grammar rules, correct usage and spelling, writing sentences and paragraphs. Math instruction includes skills development in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers; fractions; decimals; percents; and introduction to algebra and geometry. Students often need help preparing for the GED or with homework comprehension.

Classroom Assistants

Classroom Assistants aid ESL or ABE teachers, often in low-level classes. Classroom Assistants are also invaluable in Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) classes. Classroom assistants work closely with the teacher to provide extra instruction to small groups of students. Classroom Assistant positions are ideally suited for students persuing a MA-TESOL degree or volunteers with previous TESOL experience.