Volunteer Guidelines

The goal of the Basic and Transitional Studies Tutoring Program is to create a safe and thriving learning environment for individuals receiving additional assistance in the Basic and Transitional Studies Division.  In order for us to ensure the delivery of effective services for our learners, we ask that you comply with the following guidelines:


Tutors are responsible for maintaining the privacy of information they receive or are exposed to from their student, the Basic and Transitional Studies staff, or B&TS instructors.


Tutors and students often develop strong bonds and friendships. This relationship should remain largely that of tutor and student, however. Dating is prohibited, and tutoring needs to take place within the Basic Studies office.

Cell Phone Use

Please model polite cell phone use and turn off your phone before you tutor. Encourage your student to do the same. If you need to take a phone call, please do it outside of the tutoring area.

Religious Tolerance

Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds and religious affiliations. While it is completely appropriate and encouraged to share information about you, proselytizing is forbidden. It is inappropriate to try to convert your student to your faith; please honor the religion and culture of your student, as they are expected to honor yours.

Cultural Awareness

Similar to the above point, be respectful and sensitive of your student’s home culture. Learn a bit about what is comfortable in her culture (for example, female Muslim students cannot shake hands with their male tutors); we provide you with a worksheet as a jumping-off point for this discussion. Do not wear revealing or provocative clothing, but dress appropriately for the school environment.

Study Skills

Although your student may want you to, do not complete his homework for him.  Help your student learn to become an effective learner by modeling academic skills that will benefit him in the future.


Please take your commitment to volunteering seriously; your student relies on you work with her throughout the quarter. Similarly, please make sure you sign out every time you tutor: our funding requires this data.