Program Orientation

Volunteer Sign-in     
Remember to sign-in every time you come here to tutor. We track hours and these hours are necessary for our funding. The Sign In/Out sheet is located outside of my office door (3124).
Goal Setting
Use the first session as a way to get to know the student and to figure out his/her goals. Let the student describe what he/she wants to learn and why. Find out the goals of the student and try to combine the interests and goals when planning lessons. Make the student’s goals the focal point of tutoring.
Tutor Library
There are two bookshelves (purple and blue cabinets) at the eastern wall of room 3122. These cabinets are full of books that can be borrowed during tutoring sessions. Also, the books can be brought home for 3 weeks–by tutors only– as long as you record your name, date, and books taken on the sign-out sheets hanging on the inside of the cabinet doors. Please sign-in your sheets upon returning.
Other Materials
Also along the south wall are cabinets/shelves with other resources such as grammar worksheets, picture files to start conversations, flash cards, games, small whiteboards, etc. In the tutoring office, we keep English language dictionaries, a tape recorder, and additional workbooks.
Tutors have access to a computer to use with students during tutoring sessions. The computer has internet access and Microsoft Office programs. (No printing is available. If you need to print something, save the document to a zip drive or attach it to an email and ask a staff member to print it.) The computer is located inside the middle blue cabinet along the east wall of room 3122. There is no sign up sheet, so please limit sessions on the computer to 30 minutes.